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An international Street Photography collective founded in 2012 with the desire to promote street photography worldwide. To cultivate street photography and street photographers around the world and to become a home for street photography.

We are a kind of anthropologists, visual researchers who will go anywhere in order to freeze a particular moment in the name of our overriding belief that the world of objects amid which we live possesses infinite meanings, and that we are duty-bound, as photographers, to capture them and thereby contribute personal impressions to the viewer. We do not intend "to photograph reality as it is", as many mistakenly think. We want only to add another stone, engraved with our personal imprints, to the mosaic of the human memory.

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Felix Lupa Solo Exhibition at Leica Gallery - Prague

Felix Lupa Solo Exhibition at Leica Gallery - Prague

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Seamus Travers Thublr Blog

Life at 1/125th

Check out Seamus Travers cool blog - Life at 1/125th on Thumlr to be up to date with his newest work

 Street Photography by Sagi Kortler

Sagi Kortler on Top Photography Films

Street Gang member and co-founder - Sagi Kortler was interviewed and featured on Top Photography Films, a photography dedicated blog.
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Picture of the month - June 2014

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what makes a good photograph?

What makes a good photograph?

An opinion article by Street Gang member and co-founder - Felix Lupa.
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